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Nazarbayev congratulates Kazakhstanis on Nauryz holiday 23 марта 2015, 19:21

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated Kazakhstanis on Nauryz holiday.
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Photo courtesy of the official website of the Kazakh President. Photo courtesy of the official website of the Kazakh President.

Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev has congratulated Kazakhstanis on Nauryz holiday, Tengrinews reports.

“I congratulate all the Kazakhstanis on the bright holiday of Nauryz, which comes with the first warm rays of the sun. Our country, Kazakhstan, which we have been building together all these years, has become a strong nation and every citizen of Kazakhstan is proud of it. We continue building Kazakhstan, making it a prominent, powerful, strong state that serves its people,” Nazarbayev said during the Nauryz celebrations held at the national cycle track Sary-Arka in Astana.

The President stressed that Kazakhstan had met with different challenges during the crisis, and now, in difficult times, Kazakhstan was capably handling all the problems.

"Now, when there is turmoil around the world, the crisis continues, prices for our products are falling, we have these difficulties, but Kazakhstan is so strong that it overcomes them. You know the programs that I proposed. Nurly Zhol program is our response to challenges. At the same time, we are implementing infrastructure projects that affect all the regions of Kazakhstan: roads, railways, airports, new housing. Over the four years alone, 30 million square meters have been built, new kindergartens and hospitals have been constructed, housing and utility networks have been renovated," the Kazakh president said.

“Everything we do is for the sake of ordinary people, so that they can have a job and a place to call their home, so that their children can study and healthcare services are good – this is what the state has to provide for. The implementation of these programs will ensure that our future is even better. For that we need our unity, stability within the country, respect to each other, trust and love to each other. It is the holiday when everything is forgiven, people forget bad things, look forward to their future, wish each other joy and happiness. I wish you prosperity in every family, good holiday and the future of our people. Happy Holidays!" Nazarbayev concluded his speech.

Nauryz is officially celebrated in Kazakhstan on March 21-23. These days are days off according to Kazakhstan's legislation. This year, Kazakhstan residents have five days off, including Tuesday and Wednesday, March 24 and 25, that follow the Nauryz days, since, according to Kazakhstan's Holidays Law, if the holiday falls on a weekend day - Saturday or Sunday - that is a day off anyway, then the next workday becomes the day off instead.

During these days, the celebrations, which include concerts, shows, contests, sport competitions, tree planting and holiday food fairs, are held in all the regions and cities of Kazakhstan. 

People usually clean up their house and prepare a lot of tasty food before the celebration.

Nauryz has been celebrated by oriental nations since ancient times. Translated from Farsi 'nou' means 'new' and 'ruz' means 'day', this holiday symbolizes the wakening and renewal of nature and the beginning of the new year. The essence of Nauryz is in the unity of people and nature. Nauryz is celebrated around spring equinox when day equals night. After the equinox the days grow longer and the nights become shorter.

Reporting by Assemgul Kassenova, writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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