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Kazakhstan should choose - reforms or degradation: Nazarbayev 30 апреля 2015, 17:12

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev said that challenges were awaiting the country and it had to choose between reforms and degradation.
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©Turar Kazangapov ©Turar Kazangapov

Nursultan Nazarbayev said that it was time for the people of Kazakhstan to choose between reforms and degradation, Tengrinews reports. The statement was made after Nazarbayev gave an oath at the presidential inauguration ceremony in Astana.

The newly elected President pointed out that the dynamics in the world were not favorable for development. According to him, crises and conflicts were shaking all parts of the world, the number of failed states was increasing and their citizens were mired in poverty or killed in armed conflicts.

"Instability has come close to the borders of Central Asia," the Kazakh president said.

President Nazarbayev said that over the past 2-3 years, he had been thinking of how to strengthen and protect Kazakhstan, keep it on the path towards joining the top 30 most developed states. "I discussed the situation with leaders of other countries, experienced people. With full responsibility I want to warn the nation: our further development is still threatened by five new external challenges," Nazarbayev said.

The first challenge is that of increasing uncertainty in the world. Nazarbayev said that the global security system was being tested by new types of conflicts. New non-system agents who use extremism and violence are entering the global stage.

The second challenge is represented by shocks in the global economy. Sanctions, monetary and trade wars exacerbate problems for all countries. According to the President, Nurly Zhol program was developed in response to the turbulence of the world economy.

The third challenge is climate change that can lead to unpredictable consequences and various disasters around the world. 

“Central Asia, our region, may be affected by the new global fault lines that will also be a challenge for the entire region," the Kazakh president said about the fourth challenge.

Finally, the fifth challenge is the fact that international coordination to combat these challenges has been shaken.

"However, it is important to understand that external threats are escalating. To cope with external threats, we need to strengthen our country from the inside, and then we will not be intimidated by the external threats. The big mistake was to consider inviolable the amazing successes and well-being achieved over the years," he said.

In this regard, Nazarbayev said that there were five large-scale domestic goals for Kazakhstan to achieve. The first one was to develope the middle class, support businesses and help the country become a state with predominantly middle-income residents. The second task for Kazakhstan was to develop a unified internal market and make development of all regions balanced. The third was the fight against corruption. The next one was creation of new jobs. And the last one was strengthening the unity of the nation at the new turn of history.

"All of these challenges to our statehood in the 21 century and the time of global changes present us with a choice: either reform or degradation and backwardness. Only thing ose capable of self-renewal and tranformation will emerge victorious from this era. We are faced with a huge task: to make our state-ship unsinkable. Therefore, the task of the years to come is to strengthen Kazakhstan and confidently enter the list of the thirty most developed countries in spite of the global storms," he concluded.

Reporting by Renat Tashkinbayev, writing by Dinara Urazova

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