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Kazakhstan sees opportunity as Putin bans Western food import 08 августа 2014, 16:02

Kazakhstan is eyeing the newly created niche in the Russia market that was previously occupied by now banned importers of food from the countries supporting anti-Russian sanctions.
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©Yaroslav Radlovsky ©Yaroslav Radlovsky

Russian president Putin signed a decree applying market restrictions "to ensure security of the Russian Federation” and banning some types of agricultural products, raw materials and food products imported from the countries supporting sanctions against Russia. Kazakhstan has plans of occupying the niche previously held by the now banned importers of agricultural products, Tengrinews correspondent reports citing the head of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Ablai Myrzakhmetov.

"The President has clearly stated Kazakhstan's position: we stand for a peaceful resolution [of the conflict in Ukraine] and support a constructive dialogue. However, we see some new opportunities emerging. You have witnessed Russia introduce sanctions against traditional suppliers of food products, fruit and vegetables, such as Moldova and Poland. Clearly, Russia will try to develop its own production, but for us, too, there are opportunities in the areas that will be hit by the sanctions. [We should] increase our production of these goods, especially of agricultural products, which is achievable," Myrzakhmetov said at the yesterday's briefing in the Central Communications Service headquarters. 

He added that the plans to develop the food industry were mentioned during the extended government meeting the day before.

“Next week, most probably, we will have a dedicated meeting chaired by Mr. Sagintayev [First Deputy Prime Minister]. We want to gather all the key figures on production of milk, meat, oilseeds and pastry products – around 4-5 key positions. We will sit down and discuss what we need to do to expand the output both for our domestic market and to substitute the products that Russia imposes sanctions against,” Myrzakhmetov said.

Reporting by Altynai Zhumzhumina, writing by Dinara Urazova


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