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Kazakhstan mulls new city across river in Kyzylorda 11 августа 2014, 19:59

Governor of Kyzylorda Oblast has congratulated the construction workers on their professional day - the second Sunday of August.
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©Danial Okasov ©Danial Okasov

On August 10 Governor of in southern Kazakhstan's Kyzylorda Oblast Krymbek Kusherbayev has congratulated construction workers on their professional holidayday - the second Sunday of August, Tengrinews reports citing the official website of the region's authorities.

“A region with well-developed construction industry will be actively developing in other sectors, too. So, it is very logical that construction industry is often referred to as the locomotive of the economy. Soon, there will be a new city on the left bank of the Syrdarya River. Its architecture will reflect the heritage of the capital of the ancient tribes that used to inhabit the area: Saka, Oghuz and Kipchak tribes. Such a large-scale project has become possible thanks to your professional knowledge and honest work,” the Governor said at the ceremony addressing the construction workers.

Kyzylorda city is currently located on the right bank of the Syrdarya river. The construction of the new high end part of the city on the left bank that the Government was talking about would echo Astana, Kazakhstan's capital, that has its most spectacular and high profile buildings located on the left bank of the Ishym river. 

According to Governor Kusherbayev, the new part of Kyzylorda city on the left bank of the Syrdarya river is already part of the city's General Payout and will come to being within the next 15 years. The general layout covers a total area of 1,500 hectares on the left bank. 

During the ceremony, the most outstanding construction workers were awarded with certificates and letters of appreciation from the Governor of Kyzylorda Oblast, letters of thanks from Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Regional Development, Committee for Construction, Housing and Public Utilities, and decorated with medals of Honorary Builder of Kazakhstan.

There are 88 buildings under construction in the region, and 65 of them will be commissioned before the year’s end.

40 of them are education facilities, 32 of which will be ready this year: 12 buildings are funded from the state budget and 20 receive funding from the regional budget.

21 health facilities are being constructed, 7 of then are part of the Business Road Map 2020, Kazakhstan's state-run program to support and stimulating business in Kazakhstan.

This year, 86 apartment buildings with a total floor area of 5210 square meters have already been commissioned as part of the Affordable Housing 2020 state-run program, which enables families to move into government-owned apartments, start making payments at low interest rate and become full owner of the housing after all the payments are made. This year, 837 families will have housewarming parties in the new buildings.

Several sports and tourism facilities, public service centers and archives will be constructed, too.

Writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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