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Kazakhstan CEC will report on turnover every 2 hours on January 15 14 января 2012, 19:02

The press-service will be reporting on the voter turnover every two hours: CEC.
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Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
Kazakhstan CEC will report on the voter turnover every two hours on January 15, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kuandyk Turgankulov, chairman of the Central Election Commission. “The press-service will be reporting on the turnover every two hours. We plan to announce preliminary results on January 16, I can’t tell you the exact timing yet. The votes will be calculated for 7 days and the final results will be announced on January 22. We will abide to this timeframe,” Kuandyk Turgankulov said. “We are well-prepared, there are reports of the CIS, OSCE missions. Almost all the polling stations, including Zhanaozen, are ready for the elections,” he said and continued that he cannot make any turnover forecasts. “I can only refer to the forecast based on an opinion survey made about 5 days ago. I think that forecast expected 70 percent turnover, but this is a poll, we are not responsible for that.” The CEC met with the delegation of observers from the Turkic States Cooperation Council. Chairman of the Central Election Commission told the participants of the meeting about the preparation and elections process. This delegation is expected to observe the elections in south Kazakhstan. January 14 is “the day of silence” - no election campaigning and candidates promotion is allowed on this day.

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