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Kazakhstan and Jamaica discuss visa regime 10 февраля 2014, 17:38

Tourism Minister of Jamaica Wykeham McNeill and Kazakhstan Ambassador Konstantin Zhigalov have discussed simplification of visa regime.
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Tengrinews.kz file photo Tengrinews.kz file photo
Jamaica is looking forward to seeing more tourists from Kazakhstan. Tourism Minister of Jamaica Wykeham McNeill has discussed simplification of visa regime with Kazakhstan Ambassador Konstantin Zhigalov, Tengrinews reports citing the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan Ambassador to Canada and Jamaica in combination Konstantin Zhigalov visited Kingston, the capital of Jamaica and handed the Credentials as the first Kazakhstan Ambassador to Jamaica since the diplomatic relations were established between the two countries, to the Governor-General of Jamaica Patrick Allen. Kazakhstan Ambassador had a meeting with Tourism Minister of Jamaica Wykeham McNeill during his visit. The Minister of Jamaica stressed that the number of Kazakhstan tourists coming to Jamaica was growing and expressed interest in increasing the inflow even further. He pointed out that the new regular flight from Moscow to Jamaica by Transaero airlines that also makes flights to Kazakhstan created new opportunities for Kazakhstan tourists travel to Jamaica more comfortably. "They agreed that easing of the visa regime and signing of bilateral agreement between Kazakhstan and Jamaica on cooperation in tourism sector would be beneficial for both countries," the Ministry's message said. Besides, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan met the Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister of Jamaica Anthony Hylton. The Minister invited Kazakhstan companies to participate in development of a new international logistics hub in Jamaica. Besides, they discussed bauxite and aluminum mining as potential areas for further cooperation.

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