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German Foreign Minisiter calls Kazakhstan Central Asian 'anchor of stability' 11 ноября 2014, 21:55

German Foreign Affairs Minister Steinmeier has called Kazakhstan an 'anchor of stability' in Central Asia but expressed worries that geopolitical situation in the region might affect economic cooperation between the two countries.
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One ruble. Photo courtesy of eer.ru One ruble. Photo courtesy of eer.ru

German Foreign Affairs Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the geopolitical situation surrounding Kazakhstan affected not only the political climate but also economic cooperation with the Central Asian country, Tengrinews reports.

"Of course, what happens next door at the moment not only brings political anxiety but also has an impact on the economic climate. With those big differences that exist between Kazakhstan and Germany, we have one thing in common. Regardless of how all these conflicts in the Middle East or in Ukraine unfold, we, as neighbors, suffer from the economic effects exerted upon us. And so we have exactly the same interest - to find some solution and constructively work out a resolution to these conflicts, to participate in their solution," Steinmeier said.

At the same time he called Kazakhstan an anchor of stability in the region. "Kazakhstan in Central Asia - is a kind of anchor of stability. We want to be a similar anchor in Europe," the Minister declared.

Peter Tilles, co-chairman of the Kazakh-German Business Council and CEO of Deutsche Bank for Central and Eastern Europe, also expressed worries about the economic situation in the region at the seventh meeting of the Kazakh-German Business Council. In particular, he spoke about the stability of currencies.

"The ruble is now becoming cheaper. The same thing is happening in Ukraine. We had a similar situation occurring here in Kazakhstan in the beginning of the year, I think that this will not happen again this year. However, investors are now looking with impatience into the next year, wondering how things will look next year," Tilles said.

Reporting by Renat Tashkinbayev, writing by Dinara Urazova

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