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Elections observers are promised security in Zhanaozen 12 января 2012, 16:39

January 11 Kazakhstan Central Election Commission adopted a new decree on elections in Zhanaozen.
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Kazakhstan Central Election Commission Kazakhstan Central Election Commission
On January 11 Kazakhstan Central Election Commission adopted a new decree on elections in Zhanaozen. The CEC assured that the elections in Zhanaozen will be held on time and fully, Tengrinews.kz reports. Observers were promised security. “The issues of the working time of the election commissions and security services will be resolved; help will be provided to international observers. These issues were discussed at the government level by the Foreign and Interior Ministries, Zhanaozen superintendence and the town’s executive bodies. We are responsible for every international observer, as they are at the territory of Kazakhstan. Same is true for our observers. They will be fully provided with the opportunity to monitor the elections,” CEC chairman Kuandyk Turgankulov said at the meeting. The Maslikhat and Majilis elections in Zhanaozen will be held on January 15, like in the whole country. “There were two ways of solving this problem. The Constitutional Council chose the law and regulations, the President chose people and their rights. The President turned out to be right, which is confirmed by the fact that the President’s veto was not overridden. That’s why the decree that we used in our statement on impossibility of elections in Zhanaozen is considered unadopted,” deputy chairman of CEC Vladimir Foos said. “The activities of the town's election commissions were suspended from the moment the decision was made to cancel the elections in Zhanaozen. However, all the election documents, as well as information materials were saved,” the CEC chairman said. He reminded that expenses for printing brochures, posters and billboards delivered to Zhanaozen made around one million tenge ($6.8 thousand). CEC chairman assured that local election commissions “will continue the activities on preparing and holding the elections under the state of emergency”. Turgankulov added that the break in election campaigns equally affected all the candidates, as they are all under the same conditions. “The main thing is that the constitutional rights of the voters are restored and elections in Zhanaozen will be held on the same day as in the whole country: on January 15, 2012,” he stated. On January 6 the Constitutional Council declared impossibility of holding the elections on January 15 in Zhanaozen. On January 10 Kazakhstan President vetoed this decision. The Constitutional Council failed to override the President’s decision.

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