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World's oldest man dies in New York 10 июня 2014, 15:00

The world's oldest man, a 111-year-old US immigrant from Poland, has died at a New York home for the elderly, the Guinness Book of World Records said.
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Alexander Imich. ©Reuters Alexander Imich. ©Reuters

The world's oldest man, a 111-year-old US immigrant from Poland, has died at a New York home for the elderly, AFP reports according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Alexander Imich passed away early Sunday at a Manhattan senior residence where he had lived since 1986, the organization said in a statement. He turned 111 on February 4.

Imich, a retired chemist and parapsychologist, also was certified in April as the world's oldest man by the Gerontology Research Group of Torrance, California.

Guinness described a long and eventful life in which Imich fought the Bolshevik Revolution and survived the Holocaust before immigrating to the United States from the Soviet Union with his wife Wela in 1951.

"What an incredible life Dr Imich led -­ fighting the Bolsheviks as a teenager, earning a PhD in the 1920s, surviving a Soviet labor camp, losing much of his family to the Nazis and pursuing a successful career as a chemist and parapsychologist," Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of Guinness World Records said in a statement.

"To live such an extraordinarily long and rich life is a testament to good genes, a healthy lifestyle and a positive mental attitude. Dr Imich is an inspiration to anyone wishing to make the most out of their limited time on Earth."

Guinness said work is already underway to identify the successor as world's oldest man. Some news reports said the title will now go to Sakari Momoi of Japan, also 111, born just one day after Imich in 1903.

Interviewed by US television about the secret of his long life, Imich once quipped: "I don't know, I simply didn't die earlier. I have no idea how this happened."

But in other interviews, he attributed his longevity to the fact that he and his wife, a painter and therapist who died in 1986, never had children.

He reportedly also exercised regularly, ate sparingly and never drank alcohol.

The New York Times wrote that Imich, in his will, left his body to medical research.

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