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Wealthiest Kazakhs: Forbes 2014 05 марта 2014, 19:05

Five Kazakhstan richest man made it into the Forbes list this year.
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Photo a courtesy of Forbes.com Photo a courtesy of Forbes.com
The new 2014 Forbes Billionaires List has been released. The new list features 1645 billionaires from all over the world. Five Kazakhstan's richest made the list this year, Tengrinews reports. The richest person in Kazakhstan is Bulat Utemuratov. The fortune of the Head of the Tennis Federation makes $2.2 billion, which brings him to the 796th place on the list. Last year, Mr. Utemuratov finalized the purchase of Alliance Bank and TemirBank from Samruk-Kazyna Sovereign Wealth Fund. The businessman was born in Atyrau in 1957 and graduated from college in 1981. He started out working as a teacher in his alma mater for several years. Mr. Utemuratov is happily married and has three children. Timur and Dinara Kulibayevs follow Utemuratov with $1.8 billion each and land on the 988th place. Adilzhan Ibragimov of the largest resource company ENRC and president of Eurasian Bank has a fortune of $1.7 billion. The banker is in the 1046th place. The former Chariman of the KazakhMys corporation Vladimir Kim landed on the 1078th place with $1.65 billion. In comparison with the preceding years, the 53 y.o businessman is not doing as great as he used to. In 2012, Mr. Kim had the first place among the wealthiest people in Kazakhstan with $3.5 billion. All in all, out of 1645 people in the list, 492 are from the US and 152 are from China. Bill Gates has returned his title of the wealthiest person in the world with $76 billion after a four-year break. Mexican Carlos Slim follows on the second place with $72 billion. The third wealthiest person in the world is the famous retailer (Zara fashion brand) Amancio Ortega with $64 billion. Neighboring Russia has 111 billionaires and Urkain has 9. Russia’s wealthiest person is Alisher Usmanov. His wealth makes up $18.6 billion.

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