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Quarter of polled Kazakhstan residents disappointed with job selection 11 апреля 2013, 17:02

The poll involved 2.7 thousand employees in Kazakhstan and showed that most of the respondents felt themselves out of place.
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Photo courtesy of wordpress.com Photo courtesy of wordpress.com
A quarter of the polled Kazakhstan residents are disappointed with their job selection, Tengrinews.kz reports citing a survey made by HeadHunter. The poll covered 2.7 thousand employees and showed that most of the respondents felt themselves out of place. 34 percent of the respondents said that their current job was not exactly what they needed and 25 percent were confident that made a mistake in the job selection. Personnel managers and medicine workers are the groups most happy with their jobs. Whereas employees in FMCG sector and multi-profile holdings are those who feel themselves out of place. 46 percent of the respondents say that this feeling is related to their activities not being interesting or satisfying for them. 36 percent of the respondents link their dissatisfaction with a wrong choice of company, while 28 percent believe that the mistake lays in an incorrect selection of their profession. 26 percent of the residents confess that they feel constant discomfort at work. The same number of people are confident that they are born for something bigger. 20 percent of respondents believe that they have to hold a higher position at work. Despite of all that, the people are not rushing to change their jobs. 44 percent of the respondents a scared to lose money, while 40 percent believe that they will not find a better job. 17 percent are not going to change their job because of its location close to home. 12 percent of respondents do not want to leave their colleagues. Meanwhile 51 percent of those who are pleased with their job consider changing it for a less interesting but more profitable one.

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