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Over 1,000 people applied to work in Ozenmunaigas and Karazhanbasmunai 06 января 2012, 10:09

1,308 job applications were received as of January 4.
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Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
Over 1,000 people are willing to work in Ozenmunaigas and Karazhanbasmunai companies. 1,308 job applications were received as of January 4, Tengrinews.kz reports citing official representative of the government commission on Zhanaozen Nurbol Telegenov. “1,308 job applications were received in Karazhanbasmunai (390 applications) and Ozenmunaigas (918 applications) as of 5:00 p.m. January 4,” Telegenov said at the briefing in Aktau. According to him, the situation in Zhanaozen and the region is stable and under control of law-enforcement authorities. “48 people were apprehended for violation of the curfew in Zhanaozen in the period from December 31 to January 4,” Nurbol Telegenov said. He also talked about restoration of Zhanaozen: dismantling of town administration building is 97 percent complete, assembling works on heating, power supply, installation of windows and doors are 32 percent finished; 50 percent of roof works are made. “4 police stations in Tenge village and Zhanaozen are 100 percent ready. Tenge administration building is fully restored. Restoration works are still in process in Zhanaozen branch of Nur Otan party,” official representative said. “Eight individually-restored facilities are back to work. Four of them (BTA Bank, Orken café, Asset and Nur shops and building No.32 in the 4th microregion) received the statements on the damage evaluation from Aktau chamber of commerce. Another four facilities (Nurtai, Nurbek, Sulpak and Duet shops) signed contracts with design companies.” The regional stabilization fund of Mangistau oblast was increased to 5,386 tons of food worth 558.6 million tenge ($4 million). “Current reserves for each type of commodities exceeds 2-3 monthly needs of Zhanaozen population as per the minimum consumption rates. An additional stabilization fund worth 493 million tenge ($3.4 million) will be formed for Zhanaozen based on the contracts with 7 Kazakhstan companies. Food supplies under 10 categories will start shortly,” Telegenov said.

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