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One third of marriages end with divorces in Kazakhstan 12 апреля 2012, 11:23

One third of marriages ends with divorces in Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of liveinternet.ru Photo courtesy of liveinternet.ru
Every third marriage in Kazakhstan ends with a divorce, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Express K. According to Bolat Baikadamov, Director of Nur Otanparty's Institute of Parliamentarianism, 2 million 420 thousand marriages were registered in Kazakhstan in 1999-2010. The number of divorces made 733 thousand during the same period. According to the last population census there were 42.9% single men and 49.8% single women in Kazakhstan. “It is vital to activate the process and start a large-scale campaign to promote the importance of the family both for individual and the nation. Both tradition and new media should be used in the campaign,” Baikadamov said. According to him it is necessary to develop social advertising. Nina Kayupova, National Women’s Council Public Association chairwoman, said that today’s priority of keeping the demographic balance largely depends on stressfulness of strengthening of national idea of women’s health. “To follow this national idea married couples should realize their highest responsibility to give birth to healthy children, to prepare girls for maternity, to make an informed choice of family planning,” she said.

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