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Modern Kazakhstan women do not rush to get married 02 сентября 2012, 16:30

An average Kazakhstan woman is a successful employed woman with an education: expert.
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A majority of modern Kazakhstan women say they do not need families. An average Kazakhstan woman is a successful working woman with an education aged 25 - 35. She is independent and her need for family is rather low. Family is a luxury, head of the Applied Expertize Department of the Institute of Political Solutions (IPS) Madina Nurgaliyeva told Tengrinews.kz. “Women have become more active and are often the main bread winners of their families. They earn well, they are independent. However, the stereotypes of a man being the head of the family and the breadwinner are still in place,” expert said. “There are families where men do the housework and look after the kids. But I wouldn’t say that the traditional roles of man and women have changed in the society. They are only transforming gradually.” According to the expert, “the current situation is not very good for the demography. There is an imbalance. Men get used to living without wives, preferring free relations. Modern household appliances substitute for cooks and housewives”. According to the poll held by IPS sociologists, 53.6 percent of Kazakhstan residents believe that men should keep the role of breadwinners in their families. 36.3 percent say that men are leaders, defenders and patrons of their families. Only 3.6 percent of the respondents think that men have to do the house and raise children. 43.6 percent of the respondents note that men should take important family decisions. 29.5 percent consider that the decisions have to be made jointly. 10.6 percent say that the family member who earns more should be considered the head of the family. Only 3 percent of respondents entrust women with decision-making. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that the average age of Kazakhstan married women made 24.3 in 2011. According to Kazakhstan Statistics Agency, there is no significant growth of the average age of Kazakhstan brides. The average age of women who got married for the first time in 2009 made 24.2 years. By Linda Buran

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