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Kazakhstan women ready to become surrogate mothers for $10 thousand 10 апреля 2013, 17:31

Kazakhstan women are ready to become surrogate mothers to carry and give birth to a child for childless couples for $10 to $30 thousand plus additional monthly payments.
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Kazakhstan women are ready to become surrogate mothers to carry and give birth to a child for childless couples for $10 to $30 thousand plus additional monthly payments, Tengrinews.kz reports. This subject is being discussed at probirka.kz with post of those willing to have a child or become a surrogate mother. Judging from the posts women under 30 who already have at least one healthy child are those interested in rendering the service. Some of them are even ready to move to another city for some time to be near the future genetic parents of the child. 8 women from different regions of the country placed their posts on the website in 2013. There are much less couples looking for such services. Women from Ukraine and other CIS countries are also willing to help childless Kazakhstan citizens. “I want to become a surrogate mother. I am 23, married with 2.5-y.o. child. I gave given birth naturally without any complications. I have no bad habits. I had no abortions and miscarriages. I am Kazakh, 160cm tall, weight 60kg. Blood type AB+. Physically and psychologically healthy. I have no previous experience of being a surrogate mother. I am ready to move to Almaty or Astana. Legal contract compulsory. Remuneration $20 thousand plus 50 thousand tenge ($333) per month during pregnancy. I will consider all offers,” one of the forum’s participants wrote. The ones searching for surrogate mothers are looking for women who have already given birth naturally without Caesarean section. “We are looking for a surrogate mother, under 30, with her own children born naturally, healthy, with positive rhesus, living preferably in West-Kazakhstan oblast or ready to move for a period of bearing of our child. Availability of results of previous tests is preferable. Legal contract compulsory. Decency and following of all contract terms guaranteed. Remuneration $8,000 + $2,000 (in case of twins) + $1,000 (in case of Caesarean section) + 40,000 tenge ($267) monthly,” another participant of the forum posted. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that around 60 families get children thanks to surrogacy in Almaty every year. Surrogacy is the only option for the families where women cannot carry fetus to term because of weak health, including because of problems with their reproductive organs, or inability to carry the baby, for example because of weak kidneys. Director of the Reproductive Medicine Institute Tamara Dzhussubaliyeva explained that according to Kazakhstan Law On Marriage and Family adopted in December 2011, an absolutely healthy woman not older than 35 y.o. and having at least one child of her own can become a surrogate mother. She has to absolutely consciously agree to carry a baby for a family in need of surrogacy. She has also noted that the cost of the contract between the parties remained confidential and was not disclosed at any stage of the process.

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