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Kazakhstan gets three days off for Kurban-ait 14 октября 2013, 12:19

Kazakhstan residents will have three days off on Kurban-ait holiday on October 13, 14 and 15.
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Kazakhstan residents will have three days of rest for Kurban-ait holiday on October 13, 14 and 15, Tengrinews reports citing Kazakhstan Prime-Minister’s official website. Kurban-ait is considered a state holiday according to the Holidays Law of Kazakhstan. Kurban-ait itself is on Tuesday, October 15, this year. But weekends have been moved to make the holiday longer. “To create good conditions for rest and rational use of work time in October 2013, Kazakhstan Prime-Minister Serik Akhmetov signed a governmental decree moving the day off from September October 12 (Saturday) to October 14 (Monday), 2013,” the message states. This means that Kazakhstan residents will work on Saturday, October 12, instead of Money, October 14, to get a block of days off from October 13 to October 15 - on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. This however works only for those how have a 5-day working week. Those who have a 6-day working week will work on Saturday as usually, have their usual weekend on Sunday, then work on Monday and rest for Kurban-ait on Tuesday, October 15. On Kurban-ait a special prayer is traditionally made in mosques. People read Koran and offer sacrifices on this day. According to Astana’s official website, special platforms for cattle slaughtering have been set through out the city for the celebration. “Altyn Taga (near Kosshy village) was designated the main place for the rituals (sacrifice),” the website writes. Other places are Pischekombinat-Astanalyk Plus (191 Dulatov street), Nurbereke 555 (Kok market), Shaushen Farm (Astana-Sofiyevka road), Maksat 2007 (Zheleznodorozhny village), Temesh farm (Astana-Sofiyevka road). According to the city administration, experienced slaughterers with the required equipment will be hired for the event. Besides, the spots will be supplied with food and fresh water and equipped with toilets and garbage containers. There will also be an adequate number of public transport cruising between the city and the celebration spots.

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