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Kazakhstan-born employees of Twitter and imo.im tell about their jobs 19 апреля 2013, 17:52

Kazakhstan citizens working in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon told Voxpopulli.kz about their work in the Silicon Valley.
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Photo courtesy of <a href="www.voxpopuli.kz" target="_blank">www.voxpopuli.kz</a> Photo courtesy of www.voxpopuli.kz
Kazakhstan citizens working in Google, Facebook, Twitter and Groupon told Voxpopulli.kz about their work in the Silicon Valley, Tengrinews.kz reports. Highly qualified experts from all over the world are hired in the Silicon Valley and Kazakhstan experts are no exception. For example, Kazakhstan students work in the biggest company imo.im in Palo Alto established by Ralf and George Harik. George was one of the first ten employees of Google. In 2007 he left the biggest Internet company and established his own company together with his younger brother, investing $10 million in it. The students from Kazakhstan Yessenzhan Kanapin, Bakhytzhan Baizhikenov and Arman Yessenamanov have been working in imo.im for several months already. The company has around 15 engineers, several designers and recruiters. “I work on applications for Android, Arman deals with applications for iOS and Bakhytzhan works on video chats. We have our own projects but they change as soon as they are completed completed. The advantage of our software is in the possibility to login and join one imo-account with different social networks and services, including VKontakte and Skype. We sometimes write new program code, sometimes change it and integrate it in the existing one. Our work day is from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. with two breaks: for lunch and for dinner. Food is always healthy and there is always a good choice,” Yessenzhan said. The Kazakhstan citizens also told the story of how they got to work in such a big company. “After our speech in Orlando I received an e-mail from imo recruiters. I did not believe the e-mail was a real one at first, it thought it may be a bad joke, but I nevertheless replied to them and asked for more information. They explained everything to me and said they would pay for the flight and the visa expenses. Yessen and Bakhytzhan got involved too and sent their CVs. The selection process was quite difficult, we passed four telephone interviews, with one of them lasting for three hours. Then I understood that it was not easy to get there. And here we are four months later. The company is very friendly and very experienced people work here. In case of any difficulties, you can ask for help and you will always get it,” they said. Another Kazakhstan citizen Shamil Arsunukayev told about his job in Twitter. A group of students from KBTU (Kazakh-British Technical University) came to Freemont as part of an exchange program. Arsunukayev studied there for a year and then worked in different companies. “In some time I was employed for a full-time job in Comity Designs, where Gaziz Tazhenov works. We studied in KBTU with him. On July 1, 2012 I moved to Twitter. They were looking for a narrowly focused expert specializing in salesforce.com. I have been working in this big company for 9 months already,” he said.

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