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Gay people may work in government bodies in Kazakhstan 06 сентября 2011, 14:23

Sexual orientation is not a barrier for a person willing to work in state authorities.
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Photo courtesy of nnm.ru Photo courtesy of nnm.ru
Sexual orientation cannot hinder a person from working in state authorities, Express-K writes. One of the readers of the government blog asked the question to State Service Agency: “Does a gay person have a right to work in state authorities?” “Persons working in state authorities have to have required education, professional level and have to comply with the set qualification requirements. At the same time any direct or indirect limitations depending on gender, race, origin, language, social background, wealth, place of residency, attitude towards religion, involvement in public unions and any other circumstances may not be applied to recruitment to state service,” the agency’s reply states. The newspaper notes that none of the state workers in Kazakhstan have openly declared their sexual orientation. Meanwhile German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, British politician Chris Briant and Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit are openly gay.

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