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Family of four found dead in Pavlodar suburbs


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A family of four has been found dead in the outskirts of Pavlodar, Tengrinews reports citing the Akim (Mayor) of Pavlodarskoe Village Irina Fogel.

A family of four has been found dead in the outskirts of Pavlodar, Tengrinews reports citing the Akim (Mayor) of Pavlodarskoe Village Irina Fogel.

A landlord found his tenants - a man, woman and two children - dead in the house.

“The police said that the children were found in bed stabbed (…). Their mother was dead too and the father was found dead, hanging,” the neighbors of the deceased family said.

“They were nice people. There were always cars parked near their house. They were visited by relatives and friends a lot,” the neighbors said.

The friends of the family told the reporters that it was the second marriage for the deceased woman. The children were from her first marriage. The friends noted that the husband did not drink alcohol and loved the children.

The police is investigating the slaughter of the Pavlodar family.

“The preliminary version is that the 49-y.o. man stabbed his wife and children and committed a suicide afterwards by hanging,” the press-office of the Pavlodar Oblast DIA commented.

The criminal case was opened as homicide.

“A suicide note was found in the house of the deceased family. The note mentions names of a number of relatives and requests them to pay the family’s debts in shops,” the press office said.

Forensic examination of the suicide note is now being made to determine who wrote it and when. There is no information of family’s debt or the details of the note yet.

Friends of the famility told Tengrinews that the woman was pregnent with her third child. "Our families were friends. Almagul (the wonan who was stabbed to death) was four or five months prengant. And she wanted that child very much," they said.

Besides, the family was planning to start constructing a house of their own and had even bought some land for it in Pavlodarskoye village. They were going to design their new house themselves as they were both construction workers.

"On Tuesday, April 1, Almagul's husband picked her up after work as he always did, and they went home together. But she didn't turned up for work on Wednesday. When she didn't come on Thursday too we started calling her and her husband, but none of them picked up their phones," said Yuliy Kuzin, the head of the company where Almagul worked.     

None of their friends believe that the man could kill the family and then commit a suicide. Almagul had met with a bad accident four months before, they said, and the man was taking good care of her and the kids while she was recovering.  

The woman and children were buried today and the man's body was sent to Russia, as he is a Russian citizen who held a residence permit in Kazakhstan.   

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