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Family of 27 teachers celebrates Teacher's Day in southern Kazakhstan 06 октября 2014, 16:32

A family of 27 teachers have been honored in Shymkent, southern Kazakshtan on the eve of the Teacher's Day.
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Nazarov family. ©Tengrinews.kz Nazarov family. ©Tengrinews.kz

The super-teaching family has been honored in Shymkent, southern Kazakshtan on the eve of the Teacher's Day, Tengrinews reports. 27 members of the Nazarov family work at school.

Dosbol Nazarov and Tashtan Nazarova were the first teachers in the family. In 1960, they came to work at the Public School #54 in  Shymkent city. The father of the family was a history teacher, and his wife who also had a degree in education worked in the library.

Over the years, Dosbol Nazarov became Director of Studies at the school. Together with Tashtan they had 11 children of their own and one adopted daughter. “Our choice of profession was predestined. Father always considered his profession a noble one and dreamed that we would become teachers one day,” the family’s adopted daughter Kulzina Nazarova said.

Only one son did not follow in his parents' footsteps. But even though Yerbol is a police officer, his wife is a teacher. “When I met Yerbol, I had no idea what kind of family he had. My husband understood me and did not condemn me for devoting much time to work,” Yerbol’s wife Bibizhamal said.

When the family summed up their cumulative work experience, it turned out that family members have worked 478 years at school. 

It became a tradition of the family to be teachers. To strengthen the tradition, their grandchildren have also entered pedadogical institutes.
The family has teach of almost all school subjects: math, physics, chemistry, history, geography, biology, drawing and technical drawing. There are also several elementary school teachers.

One of the sons who worked for many years as a history teacher in a public school now teaches at evening classes at a correctional institution. An opportunity to influence troubled teens and change their lives for the better has always attracted him, he said. “Prisoners regret doing (bad) things and repent. They are trying to get a profession while being in a prison, so that they will never return there again. I should help them,” Baurzhan Nazarov said.

No one from the Nazarov family had ever thought about changing the profession. Even at the most difficult years, when they were not getting any salaries, they drove away the thought of giving up the job.

The Teacher's Day is celebrated in Kazakhstan on the first Sunday of October, which this year fell on October 5.

By Assel Satubalina



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