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Chef of Kazakhstan Embassy to U.S. reached the final of Embassy Chef Challenge-2012 12 марта 2012, 17:49

Chef of Kazakhstan Embassy to the U.S. got into the finals of the international contest of chefs of foreign diplomatic missions.
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Illustration by tengrinews.kz Illustration by tengrinews.kz
Chef of Kazakhstan embassy to the U.S. Yerlan Abdrakhmanov got into the finals of the international contest of chefs of foreign diplomatic missions Embassy Chef Challenge-2012 annually held in Washington, Silkroadnewsline.com writes. In the final each participant has to cook certain dishes using a set of ingredients that is unknown before the contest. The competitors then have to present the dishes made to their own recipes. The contest will be supervised by the 'culinary council' made of 5 experts, including former White House chef John Hanny, who started his career during John Kennedy. Hanny served as an invited chef and the culinary adviser when five other presidents were in power, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Readan and Bill Clinton. The contest's jury is made of 8 people, including chef Karla Hall, a hostess of the popular American culinary show. Abdrakhmanov will compete with the chefs of the embassies of Switzerland, Japan, Norway, China, Georgia, Hungary, South Korea, Morocco, Sri-Lanka, Iraq, Jamaica and the Bahamas. The final stage of the contest is scheduled for March 15. In 2011 Abdrakhmanov also reached the final of the Embassy Chef Challenge. His dishes, the lamb shashlik, received a high praise from the jury, but the chef of the embassy of Denmark Yan Van Khot won the contest with his asparagus soup and roast duck breast in plum sauce. Yerlan Abdrakhmanov graduated from Almaty Technological University. Before his career in Kazakhstan Embassy to the U.S. he worked in Zhalyn restaurant in Almaty.

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