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Brazil magnate Batista sells Lamborghini that adorned home 09 августа 2014, 11:47

Brazilian millionaire Eike Batista has sold the prized Lamborghini that once adorned his living room.
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©Reuters/Daniel Munoz ©Reuters/Daniel Munoz

  Brazilian millionaire Eike Batista, who over the last year lost a sizeable portion of vast wealth, has sold the prized Lamborghini that once adorned his living room, news reports said, AFP reports.

Television station G1 wrote on its website Friday that the businessman tycoon recently sold the white Lamborghini Aventador sports car to a dealership in the town of Goiania, in the center-west region of Brazil.

The 2012 vehicle was in nearly mint condition, with just 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) on the odometer.

New, its sticker price was listed at about three million reals ($1.3 million).

Batista, 57, once Brazil's richest man, came to symbolize the world's infatuation with emerging behemoth Brazil, luring foreign investors to his grandiose oil projects.

He has been holding a fire sale to rid himself of some of his most expensive toys, after financial downturns and a recent bankruptcy filing by his EBX Group, a conglomerate comprised by energy, mining, shipping and other components.

As his businesses went from boom to bust, Batista's personal wealth has shriveled as well.

His fortune in 2012 was estimated to be more than $30 billion, but has shrunk to less than $100 million.

Among the prized possessions Batista has been shedding in recent months are his helicopter, three private jets, an enormous yacht and the Hotel Gloria in Rio de Janeiro.

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