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Astana administration to spend over 15 million tenge on treatment of disabled children 14 января 2013, 14:52

15.5 million tenge ($103 thousand) were raised from sales of tickets to the Capital Day events in Astana, Kazakhstan.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
Astana administration will spend over 15 million tenge ($100 thousand) of charity money on treatment of 27 disabled children. The money certificates were awarded to the families raising these children, Tengrinews.kz reports. According to the department of employment and social programs, 15.5 million tenge ($103 thousand) were raised from sales of tickets to various events during celebration of the Capital Day in Astana. “This is a real help because, as you understand, treatment of such children comes very expensive. And their families, of course, cannot afford the huge expenses. Today every family will receive from 300 thousand ($2 thousand) to 1.5 million ($10 thousand) depending on their needs,” chairman of Astana Disabled Children Community Kamka Zhassanova said in early January. Baiterek Charity Fund was founded in 2008 upon an initiative of Astana administration. The fund accumulates the money rasies during charity campaigns held by the administration. During its existence the fund has distributed the 64 million tenge ($427 thousand) of aid money to 63 children. According to Zhassanova, there are 600 disabled children registered in the public union. 60 of them are in need.

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