Kazakhstani nomads reach North Pole in 6 days

18 апреля 2015, 17:12
First Kazakhstani expedition to North Pole. Photo ©  Kazakh Geographic Society
First Kazakhstani expedition to North Pole. Photo © Kazakh Geographic Society
Returning from North Pole. Photo © 24.kz
Returning from North Pole. Photo © 24.kz
Photo © 24.kz
Photo © 24.kz
Photo © 24.kz
Photo © 24.kz

Kazakhstani expedition has conquered the North Pole and placed the flag of Kazakhstan and flag of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan as symbols of the visitation, Tengrinews reports citing 24.kz.

Bakhytzhan Kerimbzhanov, Sergey Bodrov and Konstantin Orlov traveled from Camp Barneo to the North Pole in six days covering 130 km. The Kazakhstanis travelled 25 km per day on skis. According to the expedition members, in comparison to other expeditions, the Kazakhstanis travelled with a record speed.

Photo © the Kazakh Geographic Society

Bordov said that it was almost a week of sleepless nights and cracking ice in the eerie silence of the North Pole wilderness. 

Sergey Bodrov, a member of the expedition. Photo courtesy of Sergey Bodrov

The trip was organized by the Kazakhstan Geographic Society.

“Our goal is to popularise Kazakhstan internationally in science, culture and humanities. The expedition was dedicated to the 550 year anniversary of the Kazakh Khaganate, 20 year anniversary of the Constitution and the 70th Anniversary of the Victory Day,” a member of the Society Tolegen Tasnatanbekov explained.

In the future, Kazakhstani scientists and adventurers plan to leave the Kazakhstani blue flag blowing in the wing in four poles. “For the 25th year of Independence in December 2016 we plan to travel to four poles: the North Pole of Inaccessibility, Magnetic North Pole, Pole of Cold and South Pole. Our biggest dream is opening our own station,” Nurlan Abdulov of the Kazakh Geographic Society said.

The expedition to the North Pole kicked off on March 31. A group of Kazakhstanis traveled from Almaty to Norway. From Spitsbergen the Kazakhstanis travelled to Barneo, the starting point for the expedition to the North Pole.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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