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Almost one-third of polled Kazakhstan residents don’t go to cinema

12 июля 2012, 15:06
©RIA Novosti
©RIA Novosti
Almost thirty percent of polled Kazakhstan residents don’t go to the movies, according to opinion survey made by the Institute of Political Solutions. 2300 people participated in the poll that was held in May in 16 cities of Kazakhstan.

Answering the question “How often do you go to the cinema?” 28.8% of the respondents answered: several times a year. 28.4% of the pollees answered that they don’t go to the cinema at all. Every sixth (16.3%) Kazakhstan resident watches movies in the cinema only once every several months, and 14.3% of the respondents go to the cinema when they have extra money to spend.

6.7% of Kazakhstan pollees watch films on a large screen once a week, 3.2% - twice a week and only 1.3% of the respondents can afford going to the cinema every day.

70% of the respondents that are 60 y.o. and up don’t go to the cinema at all. “Only 0.7% respondents aged 60 go to the cinema quite often. These indexes are directly linked to the people’s age – the younger the person is the more often he or she goes to the cinema. The highest percentage of cinema-goers – 14.1% - is among 18-19-y.o. teenagers, who visit the cinemas every day or several times a week,” the Institutes press-release reads.

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