A foreign guy’s poem to his Kazakh girlfriend

06 февраля 2013, 14:01

Love can make an otherwise mature guy become as giddy as a high schooler, I’ve learned.

I know someone who loves a Kazakh woman so much that he wrote a poem about her.

I’ve never featured a poem in my blog before, but thought readers might be intrigued by this one.

The writer wants to remain anonymous, as does the woman he’s written about.

Let me know what you think of his effort.

I’m guessing some of you women readers will wish your boyfriend had written something like this about you.

And, guys, if your girlfriends complain that you’ve never been romantic enough to write THEM a poem, I’m sorry. Don’t want to cause any of you trouble.

OK, here’s the poem:

To a Kazakh Princess

Kazakh Princess, eyes a-gleaming
What kind of mischief are you scheming?
You’re not like the others – quiet, demure.
Your emotions explode from every pore.
One day you love me like no one before,
The next you’re so fiery you’re hard to endure.
So why do I love you, with your impetuous drive?
Because when I’m with you, I know I’m alive.
Your mind how it sparkles -- llke a fast-rushing stream,
It refreshes my soul, prompts me to dream.
Your laugh makes me soar like an eagle on wing,
It’s pure and unfettered, a natural thing.
And when you love me, the passion you bring
Makes me glad I’m a man, makes my heart yearn to sing.
So Kazakh Princess, with your eyes all a-glow,
Please stay with me, ‘cause there’s one thing I know.
I’ll always love you, no matter the way --
In tempest or storm, or a bright, sunny day.

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