Kazakhstan drivers making excuses

09 апреля 2012, 14:08

Kazakhstan drivers never stop inventing stories to prove their innocence to road police officers. Road policemen of Mangistau oblast (west Kazakhstan) told about the most unexpected excuses that they heard during their service.

Seat belts:
According to statistics, the majority of violations are related to seat belts. Here is how drivers explain their or the passengers' failure to buckle up:

- "Officer, actually I buckled up, but unbuckled as soon as you raised your baton."

- "Don't you see that me and my colleague are wearing white shirts? We are heading to a presentation. The belt would have stain our white shirts so we decided to forgo it."

Violating the rules, the drivers frequently refer to... their mother-in-law.

-- A driver who was stopped on the way to Aktau airport said that he went over the speed limit "because his mother-in-law was late for the plane".

- "I did not buckle up my mother-in-law, because she refused to buckle up saying that the belt is too tight for her chest".

- "I have parked my car here, so that that my mother-in-law does not have to walk a long way with her bags from the market. Would you make your mother-in-law walk a long with heavy bags? I'd rather argue with you that with her."

Parking in strange places:
-- And here is the explanation of the driver of Opel Vectra who was found sleeping in the car parked right in the middle of the lawn on Yntymak square in Aktau. "I parked last night and did not disturb anyone. But as I was very tired, I did not hear you knocking on the window of my car straight away." Meanwhile, the car's interior smelled with alcohol and cigarettes.

-- Another driver parked in the shore area and the car was almost half in water. "My girlfriend came from Almaty, I was showing her the sea," 22-year-old driver explained.

-- Here is a conversation of the road officer and a young driver who was found asleep with a girl in his Volkswagen: "Sir, you smell like alcohol, did you drink and drive?" - "No, of course not! It was my girlfriend was practicing to park the car." What made the situation humorous was that the car with the sweet couple was packed in a deep hollow not far from a hotel.

Here is the reasoning of a driver who sped up in Karagiye Depression: "How could I have obeyed the speed limit? I was going up the mountain and if I didn't speed up, the car would have gone down the hill."

Road bumps:
- A driver apprehended for driving along the wrong side of the road: "The right lane is just terrible! I will drive the right way when the city administration fixes it!"

Mobile phone:
A driver pulled over by a police officer for talking on a mobile phone while driving said: "Officer, you are mistaken, I forgot my cell phone at home, I couldn't have been talking on something I don't have." In a second the young man started fumbling for his mobile phone that suddenly started rang.

34-year-old driver of Mitsubishi Montero Sport does not like the pedestrians. Having asked why he did not stop to let a pedestrian pass he said: "This pedestrian just drives me mad, this is the third time I see him today. He walks like he's in a theater and speaks on the phone. I don't let young girls crossing streets either, they drive me mad even more."

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