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Kazakhstan Anti-Monopoly Agency is not concerned about fuel market 04 мая 2011, 18:36

There are no grounds to interfere with the fuel market so far: Kazakhstan Anti-Monopoly Agency.
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Boris Parssegov Boris Parssegov
Kazakhstan Anti-Monopoly Agency said that currently there are no grounds to interfere with the fuel market, Channel KTK reports. The agency noted that fuel prices retain at the level fixed by the Ministry of Oil and Gas. The Agency for Protection of Competition explained that the ban on fuel export introduced by Russian government will not effect the prices in Kazakhstan. This is stipulated in the agreements that are in effect under the Customs Union. Thus, Kazakhstan will keep importing Russian fuel. “There are different types of prices growth. Since February 92 RON gasoline has been at the level of 99 tenge and 80 RON gasoline has cost 82 tenge. At some fueling stations the costs are even lower. Until the prices exceed the levels fixed by authorities, we will not take any steps to interfere, as it would be illegal,” said deputy chairman of the Agency for Protection of Competition Boris Parssegov.

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