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Fuel prices went up in Kazakhstan 09 апреля 2012, 16:00

Kazakhstan Natural Monopolies Regulation Agency set the ceiling prices for fuel.
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Kazakhstan Natural Monopolies Regulation Agency has set new ceiling prices for fuel, KazTAG reports citing the Agency’s press-service. “Considering the updates in the costs presented by Oil and Gas Ministry for calculation of the ceiling prices, the chairman of Kazakhstan Natural Monopolies Regulation Agency signed a decree on April 6 to set the ceilings on sales of oil products controlled by the state. The price ceilings include VAT,” the message states. According to the Agency, starting from April 6 the price for diesel fuel is 95 tenge ($0.64) per liter, AI-80 petrol costs is 91 tenge ($0.61) per liter, AI-91 costs is 112 tenge ($0.76) per liter. The decree is approved by the Ministry of Oil and Gas and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

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