Kazakh steppe emerged as a result of two meteorites

14 июня 2011, 12:34
Paleontologist Yevgeniy Yepanchev believes that Kazakh steppe has come into existence as a result of the fall of two huge meteorites, Express K reports.

Along with several volunteers the the scientist is going to examine the craters in Kyzyl-Orda and Karaganda oblasts to find traces of the meteorites and to prove that the steppe emerged as a result of the fall of air stones.

According to Yepanchev, there was a thick deciduous wood at the territory of Sary-Arka. But these forests were wiped out by the meteorites. The wood burned to the ground and the climate changed. The larger of the two meteorites weighted almost a million tones; it fell near Shiely village in Kyzyl-Orda oblast. Its 5.5 kilometer crater can be seen at Google aerospace photos at N 49° 10’ E 57° 51’. The smaller meteorite fell in the south-east of Karaganda oblast, and created a 2.8 kilometer crater.

Astrophysicists from North Kazakhstan have already made attempts to find the meteorite's remains. They were interested in the meteorite that fell west from Petropavlovsk city in November 1921. They even set a reward for the finder of the stones.

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