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Kazakhstan’s PM Massimov concerned over calls to jihad on Facebook and through WhatsApp 29 июня 2015, 14:28

The civil society should play a greater role in eradicating promotion of terror and extremism ideas, he believes.
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Photo courtesy of insights.la Photo courtesy of insights.la

The country's civil society should play a greater role in counteracting extremism and terrorism, a Tengrinews.kz journalist reports, citing Karim Massimov, Kazakhstan's PM, as saying at the conference on counteracting extremism in Central and South Asia.

He emphasized that Kazakhstan condemns extremism in all its manifestations.

"Kazakhstan is actively engaged in anti-terror bodies of the UN Security Council, OSCE, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the CIS, the Collective Security Treaty Organization. The nation has launched a system to counteract financing of terror operations (...) enforced its legislation introducing severe punitive measures for those involved in terrorism and extremism.  It is an established fact that terrorism and extremism tend to originate from an impoverished lifestyle.  Many nations are being challenged amidst tough economic conditions. To ensure accord and economic wellbeing of the nation, President Nursultan Nazarbayev has suggested a new plan of 100 steps", he said.

Mr. Massimov emphasized that extremism is a major source of threats that need a closer integration to tackle.

"One of the major ways to get people involved is dissemination of radical ideas on the Internet. The global Web is exploited to promote destructive ideas, hatred, violence, train mercenaries, concert criminal efforts. Just imagine that one video featuring calls to jihad uploaded by terrorists on social media ranging from Facebook to WhatsApp might be seen by a couple of million people a day. Kazakhstan is taking measures to identify and block menacing videos; however, we need joint and consistent efforts. The civil society should play a greater role in eradicating promotion of terror and extremism ideas", he said.

"(...) for Kazakhstan, involvement of its citizens in military operations abroad on the side of terror organizations is getting a major problem (...) we need concerted efforts to counteract propaganda of terror and extremism ideas", Mr. Massimov summed up.



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