KazakhTelecom to double Internet speed on July 1

22 июня 2011, 19:54
Photo courtesy of allday.ru
Photo courtesy of allday.ru
KazakhTelecom will double Internet speed starting from July 1, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the company’s public relations service.

“Starting from July 1 KazakhTelecom with Megaline trademark increases the speed of the most popular internet package Megaline Hit (Light, Box) to 2 Mbit/sec for external resources and to 4 Mbit/sec for domestic resources,” the company said.

The networks capacity is expected to double in Almaty and Astana and increase in other cities (not smaller than regional center) by four times. The company is also planning to increase the traffic limit for external resources from 15 to 30 GB.

By Maksim Popov

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