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KazakhTelecom deems publications of unknown hacker a provocation

16 апреля 2012, 14:03
Photo courtesy of vesti.kz
Photo courtesy of vesti.kz
The hacker nicknamed Blizzard.EA stated on March 31 that he managed to hack logins and passwords of Megaline and IDPort services. He published the screenshots and the logs in his blog. According to him, personal information of the users was stored non-encrypted.

KazakhTelecom deems these statements a provocation. According to deputy Director General of the company’s informational systems department Anatoliy Bachikalov, the experts are currently determining which information the hacker managed to get the access to, Tengrinews.kz reports. The speaker also noted that all Internet-access and personal cabinet passwords of the users are encrypted and Blizzard.EA only used the temporary brittleness of the system. Moreover, even if he really managed to get this information, it will be useless for him, as all Megaline-access passwords are attached to the user’s telephone lines.

Bachikalov also noted that KazakhTelecom was trying to contact the hacker, but he refused to communicate. “From the blogger’s side it now looks like a real provocation towards us. And he must have obtained the logs earlier, during a reload of our security systems. We are forced to initiate an investigation,” Bachikalov said. He added that the company was initially planning to set a constructive dialog with the hacker, initially viewing him as a person who could help KazakhTelecom reveal weak spots in it's systems.

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