Anonymous hackers may attack Kazakhstan websites

23 февраля 2012, 19:07
Hackers of the international Anonymous movement do not preclude attacks on Kazakhstan websites, they wrote to answering the question whether they will attack Kaznet websites, if asked by unknown unsers. Unfortunately, the letter's authenticity could not be confirmed.

"Since Anonymous has no leaders, it is impossible to say what will happen, and what will not. If people in non-western countries ask for our help, most of the time, the call has been answered. In Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine.

"If they see there is a major threat to the freedom of the web in Kazakhstan, some members from Anonymous may decide to take action. But because of the leaderless and decentralized style of Anonymous, there is no way to tell.

"The message we have to the government of Kazakhstan, is we will not stand for censorship. Do not stop your citizens from accessing information. Let your citizens make datalove. If they do not let free speech happen, some members of Anonymous may show them what we can do," the letter states.

In the beginning of February unknown users made requests at Anonymous calling for attacks on several government websites in Kazakhstan in protest against adoption of the Copyright Law.

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