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Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort zone will become a Kazakhstan brand 03 июля 2012, 11:50

Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry and New Technologies will work out a package plan of development of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort zone.
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"Burabay" National Park. Photo courtesy of ourkz.ru "Burabay" National Park. Photo courtesy of ourkz.ru
Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry and New Technologies will develop a brand for Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort zone located in Burabay region (a district of Akmola Oblast in northern Kazakhstan), Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Kanysh Tuleushin, Vice-Minister of Industry and New Technologies as saying at the meeting, dedicated to the development of Shchuchinsk-Borovoye resort zone. “We need to start developing a brand for the resort. What is our vision of Burabay region development until 2020? We should develop the concept of this resort zone through the light of this vision. It should include both environment preservation measures and commercially viable tourist products,” Tuleushin said. He said that Kazakhstan, including Burabay region, was located in the midst of a rapidly growing wast tourist market. According to him, 58 million Russian tourists, 96 million of Chinese tourists, 46 million Indian tourists and 42 million of tourists from the Middle East will be traveling abroad every year. “These numbers should be studied. We are planning to include the solutions for these and other issues in the package plan that we are developing now. We will present the draft plan by December this year,” the Vice-Minister said. He also said that the number of health and holiday resorts has tripled in Shchuchinsk-Borovoye zone since 2009. “There were 175 hotels, health and holiday resorts, children’s recreational institutions in the territory of the resort in 2011. There is a positive dynamics there. The number has tripled since 2009 after a long stagnation period. As a result of the increase in the number of the facilities the resort's capacity increased by 3.5 times,” Tuleushin said. However, according to the Vice-Minister, the number of tourists has grown only 1.5-fold in spite of the increase of the resort's capacity. “This shows that a major part of the tourists still prefers camping and living in tents,” he said. Tuleushin added that the rate of the room occupancy at the resort makes only 16%. This rate reaches 80% during the peak of high season (July-August). He added that the Ministry is working to expand the line of tourist products offered at the resort. This is especially important because the summer season is short: only a month and a half. “We’ve got other tourist products for the winter season that differ from the summer season products. This zone provides such types of services as velvet antlers baths, kumiss therapy (the therapy based on fermented dairy product traditionally made from mare’s milk), treatment in Chinese medical centers and so on during the inter-season that lasts fairly long in the area,” the Vice-Minister said.

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