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Authorities mull building 4 airdromes for local use around Almaty 11 апреля 2013, 22:36

Almaty oblast administration has made several suggestions on improvement of the oblast's infrastructure.
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©REUTERS/Shaun Best ©REUTERS/Shaun Best
Authorities are thinking about building 4 airdromes for local airlines in Almaty oblast, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the oblast's administration. The project is worth 160 million tenge ($1.07 million). Besides, the local executive body has submitted a suggestion to construct 4 bus terminals in the regional centers, in particular in Kegen, Bakanas, Karabulak villages and Tekeli town for the total amount of 207.6 million tenge ($1.4 million). The plan is also to erect one bus terminal in Taldykorgan. This project will cost 800 million tenge ($5.3 million). 185 bus stops and 81 taxi taxi stands are also to be built in all the regions of the oblast. The authorities are also suggesting to build the quay at Alakol lake and a shipbuilding and repairing yard for the total amount of 850 million tenge ($5.7 million). The administration is currently working with Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications on updating the locations of the infrastructure facilities and defining the funds, financing sources and periods of the program's implementation.

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