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Astana to reinvent transport infrastructure by 2017 30 января 2014, 19:27

In three years, a new train station and two bus stations will be completed and put into service in Astana.
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Photo © Marat Abilov Photo © Marat Abilov
One new train station and two bus stations will be completed and put into operation in Astana in three years, Tengrinews reports citing the official website of the Astana Akimat (Municipal Authorities). Amid the preparation for the upcoming EXPO-2017, the city authorities are working towards enhancing public transportation. “First of all we have to focus on development of public transportation and purchase new rolling stock. We also have to finish construction of the Small Ring by 2016,” the message said. The Small Ring transport project was launched in 2009 and was initially scheduled to be completed in 2011. The main goal of the 26km ring is to draw traffic away from jammed central streets of Astana. The essence of the project is to widen Saraishyk, 12ths, 14th, Ugolnaya and Beisekov streets and construct 13 flyover junctions to make the traffic flow smoother. Construction of the train station and two bus stations capable of servicing 4.5 thousand people a day is scheduled to be completed by 2017. In addition, a new terminal with 4 gates will be built at the airport to accommodate 1500 more travelers. A BRT network (Bus rapid transit) will be launched to accommodate more passengers. Construction of the first 23 kilometers will be finished in two years. “The new project with a total length of 63 kilometers will encompass not only the Left Bank (of the Ishym River), but also the Right Bank where we have a lot of passenger traffic. This will help us get more people to use public transports and enhance the city's traffic flows,” the Akim (Mayor) of Astana Imangali Tasmagambetov said.

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