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Dogs to help Karaganda children with ICP 07 сентября 2011, 10:56

First canistherapy center in Kazakhstan opened in Karaganda.
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Photo courtesy of allposters.com Photo courtesy of allposters.com
First canistherapy center in Kazakhstan opened in Karaganda, KTK TV channel reports. Dogs in the center help treat serious children’s diseases. Communication with the family of Newfoundland dogs has already helped several small Karaganda citizens suffering from infantile cerebral paralysis (ICP). Sick children calm down, their movements and coordination progresses. Mother of one of the kids says that a desire to walk with the dog made her boy stand up by himself. The kid cannot walk yet, but positive dynamics is evident. “Everything is based on positive emotions. The kid learns to communicate with dogs. Our children are missing social communication with people and they compensate it with dogs. Dogs are always warm, soft, fluffy and always understand you,” coordinator of Canistherapy center Tatyana Kalutskaya said. Owner of the four-pawed therapists Marina Turapina said that the dogs get tired after classes, but they love their job: “Tava (name of one of the dogs) considers it her main duty. She loves working with children. She gets very offended if it’s not her turn today. She starts hitting the door, when the other dog is taken. She doesn’t communicate and hides. This is like real offence of humans.”
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