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Children of Kostanai oblast to have their teeth treated in a truck 06 июня 2011, 11:28

A mobile dental clinic started operating in Kostanai oblast.
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Children of Kostanai oblast will be able to have their teeth treated in a truck. A mobile dental clinic started operating in the region, Tengrinews.kz reports. On the outside it looks like an ordinary KamAz truck and inside it is a fully-equipped medical facility. The medical truck is currently in Zatobolsk village. A full dental unit, tools and compressor are available inside the truck. It also has a sterilization mode as any other clinic does. The cost of the mobile clinic is over 30 million tenge; it was allocated from the state budget. The new clinic is for children only. The doctors have already made a schedule of the clinic's trips. A special attention will be given to citizens of remote areas. The unit is yet the only one in the oblast. It will be based in every village for not more than a month. Doctors say that there is only one children's dental clinic in Kostanai oblast. The children have to be brought across dozens of kilometers to Kostanai. The doctors noted that there is a possibility that one more mobile clinic will be bought next year.

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