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60 families have kids via surrogacy in Almaty yearly 05 апреля 2013, 17:15

Kazakhstan's Family Law is the most democratic one in the world: Director of the Reproductive Medicine Institute.
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60 families have kids via surrogacy in Almaty yearly 60 families have kids via surrogacy in Almaty yearly
Around 60 families get children thanks to surrogacy in Almaty every year, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Tamara Dzhussubaliyeva, Director of the Reproductive Medicine Institute, obstetrician-gynecologist and WHO expert on reproductive health. Surrogacy is the only option for the families where women cannot carry fetus to term because of weak health, including because of problems with their reproductive organs, or inability to carry the baby, for example because of weak kidneys. Dzhussubaliyeva says that according to Kazakhstan Law On marriage and family adopted in December 2011, an absolutely healthy woman not older than 35 y.o. and having at least one child of her own can become a surrogate mother. She has to absolutely consciously agree to carry the baby for the family in need of surrogacy. Around 100 surrogacy programs are run in Almaty institute every year resulting in around 50-60 families having kids, as not all the programs result in pregnancies. She says that opinion has surveys have revealed that mostly women wishing to improve their financial condition become surrogate mothers. The cost of the contract between the parties remains confidential and is not disclosed at any stage of the process. Dzhussubaliyeva says that there is also a different group of women that often become surrogate mothers free of charge. These are usually friends or relatives of the future genetic mothers. "Surrogate mothers usually do not regret giving birth to a child for the couple in trouble, as they pass psychological training. And it is often very hard to say what dominates here: the financial side or the desire to help childless couples," the expert says. According to her, there are 10 IVF centers in Kazakhstan that have licenses for such programs. Besides, Dzhussubaliyeva says that the law adopted in 2011 is one of the most democratic family laws in the world, as the baby born by a surrogate mother is passed to its genetic parents straight away and in case the "clients" reject the baby in the last moment, it is passed under the state's care but retains the right of inheritance from the genetic family.

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