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170 million Euro required for oncology patients in Kazakhstan 15 октября 2012, 13:15

The 7th Congress of CIS Oncologists and Radiologists was held in Astana.
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170 million Euro is required for Kazakhstan’s cancer patients, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Executive Director for Non-commercial Partnership Equal Right to Life Dmitry Borisov as saying at the 7th Congress of CIS Oncologists and Radiologists in Astana. “We are in an active cooperation with a range of European expert groups, in particular with the group that works in the royal university in Sweden. The group performed a specialized research on affordability of cancer treatment and funding of cancer-treatment infrastructure. They calculated the costs. To provide a patient with access to modern technologies, the financing level has to be around 10 Euro per capita. This is quite a simple index in conversion. Our population is 16.5, almost 17 million people. The calculation shows that funding of medicinal treatment of cancer should make around 170-180 million Euro for Kazakhstan. This would be an average European level,” Borisov said. He noted that, unfortunately, the funding makes less than 1 Euro per capita in many CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) countries. The index stands at 3.3 Euro per capita in Russia. According to Borisov, the situation in Kazakhstan is much better than in other CIS countries. “I currently don’t have the figures on the financing in Kazakhstan, but I know that this index is much higher than in other CIS countries, which certifies that Kazakhstan has a positive dynamics in resolving this problem,” Borisov added. “However good a doctor may be, he will not be able to successfully treat a patient with word alone. If there is no financing, than there is nothing we can do,” he complained. On May 2012 Kazakhstan approved a program of development of oncological aide for 2012-2016. The funding of the program makes 11 billion tenge, i.e. 55 million Euro (i.e. 3.2 Euro per capita). The program is called to improve the existing medical oncological facilities and open 5 regional high-tech radiation oncology centers. By Aidana Ussupova

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