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PHOTO: Training robots brought to Kazakhstan from Korea 22 мая 2012, 14:17

Korean robots have been brought to Kazakhstan for programmers' training for the first time.
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Robot for studying English. ©Danial Okassov Robot for studying English. ©Danial Okassov
Korean robots have been brought to Kazakhstan for programmers' training for the first time. South Korean ED Corporation presented its robots in the first CIS and Central Asia International Exhibition of Technologies for Education and Professional Training Worlddidac Astana-2012, Tengrinews.kz reports. We have presented three types of robots: basic, medium and sophisticated ones. Every robot is designed for special purposes. For example, basic robots are meant for students studying software engineering and robotics technologies. It is quite simple, and consists of sensors. There are ultra red and hypersonic sensors and students can implant any other sensors,” Pak Min Dyu, ED PR Manager, said. According to ED Corporation experts, the company was established 26 years ago and exports robots and other technologies to 100 countries of the world. The cost of a basic robot varies from $8,000 to $10,000. Sophisticated robot costs about $30,000. According to the experts, some of the robots can be used to guard a house. It is possible to learn English with the help of a robot or it can be used at school. It all depends on the installed software. The company also produces robots designed to sell tickets in cinemas and theaters. Local producers took part in the Fair as well. Karaganda Polytechnic College presented an educational mount for studying car assembly. “This mount is designed to study components of a car: engine, gearbox, steering system and suspension system. The mount is intended to help gain better technical knowledge of cars. The mount can even be used to assemble and dismantle the car engine. Everything that is set at the mount is real and actually works. Students can see how things work,” Karaganda Technical College professor Kirill Sinelnikov said. According to him, this educational mounts cost 500,000 – 1 200 000 tenge ($3400-$8100) and were made by College’s students. British Promethean presented interactive tables Activ Table with a multi touch option. The company’s representatives said that the table was designed for children aged 4-11 and had many options. “The advantage of the table is that six children can work at it at the same time. A separate profile and keyboard is designed for every child. The software is only in English so far. We are planning to translate the software into Kazakh and Russian,” Inna Stevens, company’s consultant, said. According to the company’s representatives, the table costs 1 860 000 tenge ($12,570). Smart blackboards that have been successfully introduced in several Kazakhstan schools were exhibited at the Fair as well. However, only two schoolchildren can work at the blackboard at the same time.

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