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FIrst Kazakhstan-made TV-set will hit the market in April 2012 29 марта 2012, 16:46

First Kazakhstan-made TV-set will start selling in April 2012.
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First Kazakhstan-made TV-set will start selling in April 2012, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Director of Caspiy Electronics Aleksander Pavlenko. According to him, parts for TV-sets with built-in multimedia USB-player were delivered in March 7. Pavlenko declined to disclose the TV-set's price, as it will be influenced by retailers the plant is working with. The parts for assembling the TV-sets are bought from Kontech company, Hong Kong. The plant assembles 22 and 32-inch TV-sets. 52-inch sets may be produced later. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that first Kazakhstan-made tablets Akku were to start selling in December 2011. However, according to Pavlenko, Kazakhstan National Security Commission refused to issue the permit for import of the equipment to Kazakhstan, as the tablets was considered cryptographic by the authorities, i.e. they cannot be tracked or cracked to access the data they store. Caspiy Electronics is currently working on new tablets.

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