Average wages in Kazakhstan are over 92 thousand tenge

12 сентября 2011, 10:25
Average nominal monthly wages in Kazakhstan in July 2011 grew 13 percent compared to the previous month and made 92,933 tenge ($636.5), Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Statistics Agency.

The Agency states that employees of financial and insurance spheres get the highest salaries, which is 177 thousand tenge ($1,212) a month. Wages of scientific and technical workers are a bit lower: 176.9 thousand tenge ($1,211) a month. Miners get 160.6 thousand tenge ($1,100). The lowest salaries are registered in agriculture, forestry and fisheries: 40.6 thousand tenge ($278) a month.

Atyrau oblast is still the most highly-paid region with average monthly wages of 167.3 thousand tenge ($1,145). Zhambyl oblast is the region with the lowest salaries: 64.4 thousand tenge ($441), which is 30.6 percent lower than the country-wide average.

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