Astana ranked 2nd in CIS by salaries level

08 августа 2012, 17:20
Astana is among the top three CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) capitals by an average monthly salary, CA-NEWS reports citing CIS Interstate Statistics Commission.

According to the Commission, Astana is the second capital with the highest salaries after Moscow. In 2011 Moscow residents earned an average of $1,354, Astana citizens made $827 and the average monthly salaries in Baku made $596.

Average salaries in other CIS capitals are: $285 in Bishkek, $150 in Dushanbe. Citizens of Uzbekistan capital earn the least money among the all CIS capitals: $120 per month. In December 2011 the highest growth of real wages was registered in Kyrgyzstan. The growth made 31.3 percent, while it was 18.7 percent in Tajikistan and 13.9 percent in Kazakhstan.

An average monthly salary in Kazakhstan in May made 98,942 thousand tenge ($659). According to Kazakhstan Statistics Agency, the index of nominal wages made 117.6 percent by May 2011, while the index of real wages was 112 percent. The highest salaries are paid to skilled professionals, research fellows and engineers: 188.4 thousand tenge ($1,256), which is 1.9 times higher than the country’s average.

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