EU eyes US-style screening system for travellers

17 november 2016, 21:23

The EU plans to create a US-style security screening system as part of efforts to fight terrorism, Euronews reports.

Travellers from visa waiver countries will have to pay five euros and fill out an online clearance form; any approved application would then be valid for five years.

They would then be able to move freely across Europe’s Schengen zone, a passport-free area made up of 26 countries.

American officials introduced their version after the attacks on September 11th, 2001.

The deadly attacks on Paris and Brussels last year, in which a total of 162 people were killed, have spurred Europe’s security clampdown.

“By spotting problem individuals and stopping them from coming, we’ll enhance Europe’s internal security,” said Julian King, the EU’s security czar.

The Commission aims to get this new travel clearance system in place by 2020.


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