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Astana airport fined for leaking kerosene into Yessil river 31 июля 2013, 11:42

Astana international airport was fined over 13 million tenge ($87 thousand).
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Astana International Airport. Photo courtesy of Tengrinews.kz Astana International Airport. Photo courtesy of Tengrinews.kz
Astana international airport has been fined over 13 million tenge ($87 thousand), Astana aviation transport prosecutor Nurlan Akhmetbayev told Tengrinews.kz. “A check into the jet fuel spill in the beginning of May confirmed violations of the ecological legislation. Experts made their statements and the airport was ordered to eliminate the violations and liquidate the consequences of the spill. Several administrative cases were initiated against the airport and the penalty in the amount of 13.6 million tenge ($91 thousand) was imposed,” Akhmetbayev said. Astana ecologists discovered that kerosene was leaked into the Yessil (Ishim) River in the beginning of June. The fuel was leaking from a pipeline, that belonged to Astana International Airport, according to Astana Ecology Department. According to Akhmetbayev, the pipeline had been used to supply jet fuel and its components to aircrafts, but was later demolished. “The pipeline is not being used at the time. And there was no lasting kerosene leak into the Yessil River. Screens were installed to stop the leak and the spill was localized shortly after the spill was discovered,” he stressed. According to the prosecutor, the statements obtained during the check have been submitted to the prosecuting authorities for further decision. By Baubek Konyrov

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