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VIDEO and PHOTO: Chronology of Zhanaozen clashes 21 декабря 2011, 14:47

December 17 Kazakhstan’s General Prosecution office announced chronology of Zhanaozen clashes and published the video shot during the riots.
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Новостью поделились: человек

Zhanaozen. Photo by Olga Yaroslavskaya lada.kz Zhanaozen. Photo by Olga Yaroslavskaya lada.kz
December 17 Kazakhstan’s General Prosecution office announced chronology of Zhanaozen clashes and published the video shot during the riots. “Around 11 a.m. a group of agressive people tried to physically block the way of the marching residents with many children among them. Their actions were accompanied by abuses and threats. There were around 800 aggressive people at the square by that time and public order was ensured by 120 unarmed policemen. Only their commander was armed. In order to secure the celebration events, police cordoned the part of the square with celebrations. Despite of clear signs of illegal actions and provocation of the criminal group, police did not take any measures to repress them. At 11:40 a.m. one of the criminals, despite of presence of police and ignoring their legal calls for public order, hit a UAZ car with an unidentified object. The car was loaded with food for celebrations and parked next to the cordons. An attempt of policemen to suppress the criminal’s actions created a scuffle that was immediately picked up by the group of agressors. They used the striking oil workers as a ram and broke police cordons. Breaking the cordons, they attacked policemen, crashed the New Year tree, damaged the sound equipment and the stage and set a police bus on fire. The clashes were continued by initiators who started beating up peaceful people and breaking the cars parked near the square. At 12:35 p.m. the clashes spilled outside the square; around 500 people attacked the building of Ozenmunaigas, robbed it and set it on fire. The same events happened in Aru-ana hotel. Bank terminals were robbed in both buildings and later in the town administration building as well. Besides former oil workers, most of the actions involved young people armed with knife-ended sticks and bottles with flammable liquids. This shows that the young people at the square were specially prepared for violence and clashes. At 12:50 p.m. around 70 participants of the clashes burst into Zhanaozen administration building, where they damaged the furniture and appliances and set the offices on fire. Meanwhile, the fate of the administration workers was unclear. The building was on fire. In this relation the police formed a group to protect peaceful people blocked in the building. The group was attacked with rocks and was met by shots by clashes participants. Around 05:00 p.m. participants of the clashes set the house of the Director of Ozenmunaigas on fire. At 05:30 p.m. special forces started an operation to apprehend the persons participating in pillages and looting. At 07:00 p.m. Sulpak store was set of fire. Tenge village administration building was burnt at 11:00 p.m.. The total number of robbed and burnt building is 46, including: 8 bank offices (terminals, banks), including the National bank’s office and Alliance bank branch office, 20 stores (including Sulpak store and Atlant mall), 2 caffes, 1 notary office, 2 pawnshops, 2 administration buildings (town administration and Tenge village administration village), 1 photo shop, 2 police stations, Aru-Ana hotel, Ozenmunaigas building, 3 private houses and over 20 cars. The stage, music equipment and New Year tree were destroyed.”

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