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New dams built in South Kazakhstan after Syrdarya floods 11 января 2012, 10:11

Department of the emergency situations states that floodings in Otyrar region were caused by the difference between day and night temperatures.
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Department of the emergency situations staff. Photo from Tengrinews.kz stock. Department of the emergency situations staff. Photo from Tengrinews.kz stock.
New dams were built in South Kazakhstan oblast after Syrdarya burst its banks, Tengrinews.kz reports referring to the Department of Emergency Situation of South Kazakhstan Oblast. Two protective dams have been built next to Mayakum village: one 200 meters long and 3 meters wide at the fifth kilometer on the road between Mayakum and Baltakol, and the other over 2 kilometers long on the south-west side. 100 local residents took part and 20 units of machinery was used in the construction works. On Monday, January 9, a group of experts went to Otyrar region to make a decision to explode the freezing-over the river. It is noted by the oblast's Emergency Situations Department that the flooding in Otyrar region was caused by the differences in the day and night temperatures. As a result, an ice blocking was formed in Syrdarya. The water that has gushed on the surface of the ice poses no threat. Local residents use a road bypassing the flooding. It was reported earlier, that water from Syrdarya river washed out the road to Turkestan and flooded crops fields of the residents from Mayakum village in Otrar region. Based to the decision of the oblast Akim (Governor) 20 tons of POL were allocated to the area. All the necessary works will be continued until the threat is removed.

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