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Fire destroys Semey gas fitting plant 23 июня 2014, 15:33

A large fire has destroyed Semei gas fitting plant.
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Photo© Ruslan Shakabayev Photo© Ruslan Shakabayev

A large fire destroyed Semey gas fitting plant, Tengrinews reports.

According to witnesses, the fire started in the second half of the day on June 15. Plumes of smoke from the burning plant could be seen from any point in the city.

The emergency services of the city reported that the fire started from burning roofing felt and extended to an area of 1500 square meters. “There were no victims as the plant was empty,” a representative of the emergency service said.

Wooden window frames and roofing material of the one story workshop in the former plant burned down completely.

The Emergency Services Department of South Kazakhstan Oblast is considering several versions of the accident. The fire may have started as a result of noncompliance with fire safety regulations during welding works or be because of careless handing of fire, or it may have been an arson.

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